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Automotive industry

For the love of automation

 The automotive industry has always placed extremely high demands on quality and process reliability, with automated tasks that are becoming more and more challenging. Sensors from SensoPart satisfy all the expectations of both manufacturers and suppliers.

Thus, the VISOR® Object is ideally suited to check components for completeness, for example, while the VISOR® Robotic acts as the "eye" of handling and assembly robots. The VISOR® Code Reader enables the identification of directly marked components such as car body sheets. Our optical sensors, especially our distance sensors such as the FT 55-RLAM, are also ubiquitous in automotive production processes, e.g. to control the position of parts.


Typical applications

VISOR® Code Reader liest DMC
Tracking & Tracing

The VISOR® Code Reader enables reliable component identification throughout the entire manufacturing process. It reliably reads all industry-standard 1D and 2D codes, even on difficult surfaces and achieves a perfect reading rate thanks to special software features. With three integrated optical variants, the working distance can be freely selected; in addition, the C-mount variant with the optional external illumination enables reading distances of over 2 meters.

Position determination of body parts on the assembly line

If, in addition to the X/Y plane, height information, i.e. Z-axis, is also required for a pick-and-place application, the compact FT 55-RLAM distance sensor is used. This enables precise gripping, even for parts delivered in stacks. The sensor is a real all-rounder, reliably detecting surfaces from black to shiny.

Multiple checks for battery pack assembly

The correct assembly of battery packs involves several tasks to be solved simultaneously - from the presence of safety-relevant components such as protective caps to the exact positioning of the assemblies for automated assembly. With its large number of detectors, the VISOR® reliably solves even such complex tasks.

Position control of components

To ensure that door rubbers are fitted correctly, the position of the door must first be determined exactly - a real challenge, especially if the door is moving on an overhead conveyor. Once calibrated, the VISOR® Robotic masters this task with ease - even with changing door colors and from greater distances to leave room for the robot to work.

Safe travel for electric monorail systems

In automotive manufacturing, optical collision prevention sensors are used for distance control and collision avoidance in electric monorail systems. With its large operating range of up to 6 meters and its large detection range, the FR 85 Rail Pilot is particularly suitable for this purpose. The sensor guarantees collision-free transport of the car body parts as well as optimized suspension density in the congested area.


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