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Application example

Automated bolting of the upper housing part


The task

After placing the upper part of the housing on the lower part, the two components must be screwed together. To do this, the sensor must detect the position of the screw holes in the housing top.

The challenge

The drill holes are located under the placed housing top. The sensor must determine the lower hole positions in the bottom part. The reflection of the components makes the position detection of the holes even more difficult. Due to the high number of screwing operations, detection by the sensor must not further increase the already considerable time required.

Our solution

The VISOR® Robotic in the variant with a narrow field of view precisely detects the drill holes at a sufficient distance. Thus, there is enough distance between the screw system and the battery pack to avoid damage. Due to the hand-eye calibration included in the sensor, it communicates directly in robot coordinates. The calibration can be carried out at any location and, via an integrated robot-camera data exchange, it is still possible to work within the robot's entire working area. An additional ring light makes the inside of the hole appear darker, thus creating a clear contour for position detection. Due to the high computing performance of the VISOR®, the position coordinates are available just a few milliseconds after image acquisition.

Your advantages

  • Time saving: A high number of holes can be detected and screwed in a short period of time
  • Thanks to the fully automatable hand-eye calibration, the VISOR® always provides real X/Y and angle information, without time-consuming back-calculation on the robot controller
  • With its high computing performance in a compact design, the VISOR® hardware is predestined for use directly on the robot gripper
  • Reduced cabling effort due to e.g. AIDA-compliant, robot-compatible push-pull cables
  • The VISOR® software offers various functions for determining the position of components
  • Easy connection to robotics systems of leading manufacturers with functions such as:
    • Automated calibration to the robot coordinate system
    • Automated validation of position data
    • Standardized coordinate transmission

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