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Did you know?

#10 - Setting up a classification task within minutes

Did you know that it's actually possible to set up a classification application reliably in just 2.5 minutes with the Classification (AI) detector of the VISOR® Object AI?

VISOR® Object AI:

  • Easy setup without image processing knowledge
  • AI technology in a robust vision sensor, made for industrial automation
  • Train the detector with a few images on your PC
  • Reliable results even with strong varying processes and products

VISOR® Object AI + Classification (AI) = Easy setup of classification tasks with artificial intelligence

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#09 - Handling varying lighting situations with a spotlight

Did you know if your production line is at risk of changing light situation and you need reliable results nevertheless an external illumination is essential?

  • Targeted illumination
  • Illumination from distances
  • Shorter shutter times
  • Shorter cycle times

VISOR® + Spotlight = Reliable results even with changing lighting situations

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#08 - Making the invisible visible with VISOR® UV

Did you know that if you if you need invisible markings on a product  the VISOR® UV makes this possible?

  1. Mark your object with fluorescent ink
  2. Check it with ultraviolet light

VISOR® UV - The vision sensor that makes the invisible visible

Watch tutorial - Part I Watch tutorial - Part II

#07 - VISOR® repeat mode and shutter variations

Did you know that if you have objects with varying label position, the application can be solved with the Repeat Mode?

  • VISOR® takes multiple images until the code is in the field of view
  • Additional shutter variation for changing conditions

VISOR® + Repeat Mode = Reliable results by taking multiple images

Watch repeat mode tutorial Watch shutter variations tutorial

#06 - Distinguishing similar surfaces

𝗗id you know that if you have varying objects with nearly the same surface the true color sensor FT 55-CM will give you reliable results?

  • Stable processes thanks to intelligent color detection regardless of distance
  • Economical solutions through up to twelve storable colors or jobs
  • Dependable switching behaviour through reliable glare suppression
  • Intuitive sensor setup with integrated LCD display
  • Customised adjustment to applications through digital color value output using IO-Link
  • Stable processes with non-flat objects thanks to trigger mode

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#05 - Easy monitoring of multiple cameras

Do you have multiple cameras and want to view them simultaneously?
Our Multiview feature is the perfect solution!

  • Open up to 16 cameras
  • Only one click

VISOR® + Multiview feature = Easy monitoring of multiple cameras

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#04 - Mounting hinge with 3 axes for VISOR®

Did you know that if your camera mounting has to be flexible and easy to adjust?
We have the perfect solution for you? The MG3A is

  • Easy to assemble
  • Possible to pin
  • Expandable

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#03 - Reflective foils for VISOR®

Do you have problems with varying backgrounds in your production line?
With reflective foils for VISOR® vision sensors you can easily get a homogeneous background. The foil is simply glued to a plate or glass pane and placed behind the object. The foil reflects the light of the VISOR®, making the contour of the detected object appear perfectly sharp. As a side benefit, this can significantly reduce the shutter speed, allowing you to guarantee minimum cycle times.

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#02 - Calibration plates for VISOR®

If you need to measure an object reliably & in real metric units, our calibration methods will give you perfect results

  • Easy to use
  • Perfect results
  • Reliable without perspective errors
  • Precise measurements in real metric units

Whatch video for a step by step tutorial on how to use our calibration plates.

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#01 - Lens covers and polarizer for VISOR®

Do you have trouble with shiny surfaces?
With our polarization filters for VISOR® vision sensors, you can detect details regardless of the reflectivity of the surface. The switchable polarizer panel with 50% coverage of the LED‘s can reliably detect the item even if the texture of the varies without switching the filter. The installation is very easy by just „clicking“ it to the VISOR®.

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