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Reliable detection in any position

The precise positioning of parts is a key process in industrial production. A targeted robot gripper is always necessary – whether a component has to be picked up, put down or processed. Our vision sensors always have an eye on the exact position, and supply the values in robot coordinates in a few simple steps. When detecting objects on different planes, the vision sensor can be optimally combined with a precise optical switching sensor, if necessary even with distance output.

Typical applications

Small and precise

A robotic arm seizes components on the conveyor belt to transfer them to the next production step in the correct position. A laser proximity sensor with background suppression from the FT 10 subminiature series, which is small enough to fit directly on the robotic gripper arm, signals the arrival of the next part.

The eye of the robot

The VISOR® Robotic shows the robot the way: Using special functions, such as gripper space check and point offset, it enables a precise gripping of parts. Sensor data is directly transfered into the robot coordinates, avoiding the need for additional complex programming work in the robot’s control system.The function blocks available for many robot types make integration particularly easy.

Reliable distance measurement

Distance sensors are often used to improve the efficiency of robotics applications by determining the precise distance to the object to be gripped. The range of SensoPart distance sensors stretches from FT 10-RLA, the world’s smallest optical distance sensor, to the FT 55-RLAM – the allrounder in distance measurement. These guarantee reliable distance measurement even for difficult handling tasks with varying part shapes and positions.


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