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Application example

Robot feeder system with a vibrating conveyor

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The challenge:

In addition to materials being fed in universal load carriers, high flexibility can be achieved by using a bulk storage bin with a vibrating feeder arrangement. This is particularly suited to transporting small parts, such as mechanical components either plastic or metal. In this case a large volume of individual parts is supplied as bulk material, and can be of varying shape, dimensions and batch sizes. Particularly high throughputs are essential.

Our solution:

The use of a bulk storage bin achieves the necessary flexibility in this process step. Our VISOR® Robotic vision sensor reliably identifies the components supplied and simultaneously uses the integrated gripper clearance check to ensure that the robot can seize the part safely and securely

Your benefits:

  • The simultaneous detection of multiple components in a single image enables a high throughput with maximum ease
  • High feeding precision
  • Easy expansion of production process
  • Thanks to the integrated interfaces, data is not just determined for robot control, but also for the feeder, e.g. information on fill levels or the formation of unpickable components
  • Ultra high resolution for a reliable location and differentiation of components based on the smallest characteristics

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