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Reliable differentiation and tracking of objects

The continuous tracking of parts and products with the aid of a code is of increasing importance in industrial processes. Parts are generally labelled with one-dimensional barcodes or two-dimensional data matrix codes, which are either printed or applied using dot-peen or laser marking technology (direct marking). Our VISOR® Code Readers reliably read all industry standard code types. 

Typical applications

Reliable code reading with our VISOR® Code Reader
Identification by code

The VISOR® Code Reader accurately reads all industry standard code types. With the aid of different lenses and lighting options, it is even possible to reliably interpret extremely small printed codes or codes that are marked on problematic backgrounds (curved, reflective or rough).

Identifying colours with the FT 55-CM colour sensor
Identification by color

Shampoo bottles can be sorted according to the color of the lid. The versatile color sensor FT 55-CM in compact design allows a reliable color detection even on shiny surfaces, in case of color variations or varying distances. A simultaneous distance measurement enables the color brightness to be determined independently of the object distance.

VISOR® Allround vision sensor with Multishot technology
Reading engraved or raised lettering

Using so-called multishot technology, the VISOR® Allround offers unique object illumination, which renders height differences visible. Engraved or raised lettering on directly marked objects can therefore be reliably read thanks to the combined functions of the VISOR® Object and Code Reader.

Application examples

The following application examples show you the possible uses of our products in practice.

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Identification by means of directly marked codes

Each component installed in a battery pack usually has a directly marked code on it. Before the components are installed in the housing bottom part, this code must be read out and transmitted to the higher-level control system for subsequent tracking.

Automotive industry
Reading the delivery note

In order to guarantee the traceability of the components installed in a battery pack, the codes on the delivery notes attached to the transport boxes are read with a sensor. The contents can consist of one-dimensional barcodes, two-dimensional data matrix codes or plain text.

Automotive industry