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Application example

Identification by means of directly marked codes


The task

Each component installed in a battery pack usually has a directly marked code on it. Before the components are installed in the housing bottom part, this code must be read out and transmitted to the higher-level control system for subsequent tracking.

The challenge

Due to handling processes or unfavorable positions of the code on the component, an ideal installation situation for the sensor is not always feasible. As a result, it has to read the codes from demanding distances and angles. In addition, the frequent use of directly marked codes on the components creates low contrast in the camera image, which further complicates the readout process.

Our solution

The code readers of the VISOR® series are available in different lens and illumination variants, so that the right hardware solution is available for every given installation situation.
With the VISOR® Code Reader V50 in the 5-megapixel variant and its high image quality, codes in motion can be read reliably in a large field of view.
Depending on the requirements, the distance between the vision sensor and the object to be detected can be set up to suit the application. Directly marked codes are no challenge for the VISOR®. It can read the code reliably even at large distances and with moving objects and low contrasts.

Your advantages

  • Flexibility in the distance between VISOR® and code with three integrated optics variants or C-mount lens
  • Easy software setup
  • VISOR®'s global shutter technology enables outstanding results, even with moving codes
  • Process-reliable reading results even at long/small distances, with motion and low contrast
  • Flexible communication via various integrated interfaces such as Profinet, Ethernet/IP or TCP/IP

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