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Application example

Reading the delivery note


The task

In the first step, it is important to know which components are installed in a battery pack. This information is collected in the delivery note attached to the transport box, and is read by a sensor. The contents can consist of one-dimensional barcodes, two-dimensional data matrix codes or even plain text. This information is then transmitted to the higher-level control system to guarantee the traceability of the installed products.

The challenge

In order to keep the required logistics area clear, the sensor often has to be mounted at a certain distance and angle to the transport box. Important here is the reliable identification of different label types and the reading of the information by the sensor, even with partially damaged delivery notes. This is made more difficult by the fact that the reading of the codes usually takes place during a transport movement .

Our solution

The code readers of the VISOR® series are available in different optical and illumination variants, so that the right hardware variant is available depending on the given installation situation. With optional accessories, e.g. spotlights, the delivery notes can be well illuminated even from a great distance, so that the contents can be read reliably even in changing ambient light. With the associated software, it is very easy to store different label types as identification jobs. In addition, it is possible to flexibly select between barcode, datacode and OCR in each of these jobs. Particularly the VISOR® Code Reader in the 5-megapixel variant with its image quality, which was previously only available with considerably more expensive and technically more complex vision systems, can reliably read the delivery notes in motion.

Your advantages

  • Flexibility in the application due to the available VISOR® hardware variants with integrated optics as well as the optional C-mount variant with external lens
  • All vision sensors from SensoPart use the proven global shutter technology for high process reliability when reading moving barcodes
  • User-friendly system with a wide range of functions that can be selected simply by pressing a button.

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