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Application example

Reading dot-peened data matrix codes on sheet metal parts

Task definition

In production, components, e.g. sheet metal parts, must be identified. During assembly processes, there is a risk of mixing up similar components. The identification of an incorrect part after installation can have costly consequences.
The aim of this application is to clearly identify metal parts with the aid of a DMC before assembly. This can be used to trace information such as production site, date or batch number.
The real challenge in this application is that both the surface of lasered workpieces and the intensity of the marking can vary.

Raw image

Raw image

Our solution

The VISOR® Code Reader can read common codes such as GS1, ECC200, QR or PDF417 and transfer the contents to the control system via Ethernet/IP or Profinet.

The light-colored modules are enlarged through dilatation as a preprocessing filter, and the ratio of black to white modules is improved. 

For the vision sensor, the varying intensity of the needling as well as the deviating size ratio do not pose any challenges.

Datacode detector

The Datacode detector recognises the nailed Datamatrix code

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