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Application example

Reading DOT codes on vehicle windows

Task definition

Vehicle windows must be identified during production and mounting processes to avoid mix-ups with similar windows. The aim of the application is that a window is clearly identified by means of a DOT code.

The challenge lies in the fact that the windows are reflective and are not positioned specifically for code reading. Furthermore, black dots are poorly visible on a tinted window. 

Raw image

Raw image

Our solution

The window is evenly illuminated by using an additional diffuse ring light and reflective foil behind the window. The position tracking tool searches for the contours of the manufacturer’s logo and adjusts the detectors in the case of imprecise positioning of the window. Contrast detectors are ideal for detecting the dots on the windows. 

The advantage of this application is that it is also possible to simultaneously read data matrix codes or barcodes on the windows.


Kontrast-Detektoren erkennen die Punkte auf der Scheibe.

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