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Application example

Position determination of load carriers for autonomous storage and retrieval


The task

Driverless transport systems (AGV) or automated guided vehicles (AGV) enable flexible design of logistics processes. In order for the AGV to pick up the load carrier at the right place and then set it down, it must be provided with a trigger signal using an optical sensor. The sensor should detect the load carrier at a specific position in the flow rack.

The challenge

The sensor must not affect the working area of ​​the driverless transport vehicle. In addition, a very small sensor housing is necessary because the installation space is limited. The sensor must be able to reliably detect charge carriers with difficult colors at a range of up to > 1 meter.

Our solution

When determining the position of load carriers, the FT 25-RLHP laser diffuse reflection sensor with the time-of-flight principle (TOF) has proven its worth. Its robust miniature housing enables flexible integration - even with limited installation space - so that the working area of the driverless transport vehicle is not affected.
The sensor offers a long range and reliable detection from 0 mm to 1500 mm. In this way, the load carrier can be flexibly detected at the desired position in the flow rack and the trigger signal for autonomous storage and retrieval can then be provided to the AGV.
The switching point can be easily taught using a button, control input, or IO-Link.
Thanks to safe operation with laser class 1, working with the TOF sensor does not require any protective measures.

Your advantages

  • Miniature housing (dimensions 34 x 20 x 12 mm) for space-saving installation
  • Simple, space-saving installation thanks to well thought-out mounting brackets for sensors
  • Long range and color-independent detection
  • Laser class 1 certified sensor that poses no danger to the human eye
  • Positioning accuracy ≤ 4 mm (hysteresis at 90% reflectivity, 5 Hz)
  • Diverse parameterization options via the IO-Link communication system - according to the latest specification V1.1.3

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