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Application example

Transfer to test station

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The challenge:

Every manufacturing process ends with quality control. This is increasingly becoming automated as a rule and takes place in a specially developed testing station, into which the finished product – in our example the cordless screwdriver – is inserted. The gripper system must be flexible in order to adapt to the many different versions of this tool.

Our solution:

The finished cordless screwdrivers are inserted into the testing station by a mobile robot, which can flexibly move between different assembly lines. The VISOR® Robotic vision sensor identifies the position of the final products, while one of our high precision FT 55-RLAM distance sensor confirms the stacking height.

Your benefits:

  • Increased availability of your testing facility
  • One testing station for diverse products and assembly lines, for a more efficient use of resources
  • Reliable detection on the basis of different object characteristics, which ensures a high standard of quality

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