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Application example

Transfer to test station

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The challenge:

The flexible use of mobile robots is an attractive solution for machine tending processes. Yet this flexibility can cause robot positions to be comparatively imprecise. The success of this solution – whether or not the robot can carry out the tending process correctly – depends primarily on the precision of the robot's movements in relation to the machine.

Our solution:

Target Mark 3D technology solves this problem by placing a coded mark on the machine. The robot program is then written and references the mark. If the robot is repositioned by the user, for example on a mobile platform, Target Mark technology detects which machine is to be tended and the size of the offset to the machine and then corrects the robot program accordingly.

Your benefits:

  • The combination of mobile robots and the option of automatic selection of tending programs makes the use of robotics a viable solution even for small companies
  • Significant cost benefits, reduced maintenance and more sustainable and ecological operation by deploying individual robots for multiple tasks on different machines
  • The unique simplicity of a one-click setup allows processes to be automated without expert knowledge
  • High process reliability even when robots are inaccurately positioned

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