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Application example

Automated assembly of electrical plug connections


The task

The modules installed in the high-voltage battery must be electrically connected to each other, and the connectors must be applied accurately to avoid damage.

The challenge

Incorrect assembly can have dangerous consequences. Reflective materials, such as the plastic surfaces of a connector, must also be detected in their position.

Our solution

Robot automation makes it possible to avoid assembly errors with serious consequences. Cooperating robots each grip one end of the cable and carry out the plugging process synchronously with movements coordinated in terms of time and geometry. With one VISOR® Robotic each, the corresponding robot detects the real position of the plug-in slots. The compact and robust design of the vision sensor allows it to be integrated into the robot gripper. The VISOR® in the variant with narrow field of view provides sufficient distance between the gripper and the object. Reliable detection of reflective surfaces is made possible by the polarization filter, which prevents unwanted reflections.

Your advantages

  • Thanks to the fully automatable hand-eye calibration, the VISOR® always provides true X/Y and angle information, without time-consuming back-calculation on the robot controller
  • The VISOR® in the version with a narrow field of view allows the necessary distance between robot gripper and object to avoid short-circuits
  • The polarization filter reduces reflection from reflective surfaces
  • With its high computing performance in a compact design, the VISOR® hardware is predestined for use directly on the robot gripper
  • Reduced cabling effort due to e.g. AIDA-compliant, robot-compatible push-pull cables
  • The VISOR® software offers various functions for determining the position of components
  • Easy connection to robotics systems of leading manufacturers with functions such as:
    • Automated calibration to the robot coordinate system
    • Automated validation of position data
    • Standardized coordinate transmission

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