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Application example

2D vision-guided robotics with integrated distance measurement


The task

The removal of body parts from load carriers is an important process in automobile production. A robot is supposed to pick up the components safely and precisely from the load carrier. A sensor transmits the exact position data to the robot.

The challenge

The distances to be measured vary depending on how many components have already been removed from the load carrier or are still on it. In addition, the shiny, reflective material (metallic surface) makes detection more difficult.

Our solution

The VISOR® Robotic +Z combines a vision sensor for robotics and the function of a distance sensor in a single device. This combination enables the functionalities of the VISOR® Robotic to be expanded by providing precise depth information (for large distances to the object of 150-2500 mm).
The varying distances are reliably detected by the integrated projection laser, precisely evaluated by the VISOR® Robotic and transmitted directly to the robot.
On the one hand, a significant advantage lies in the reduction of the cycle time.
Thanks to the addition of an external laser, the VISOR® receives precise information about the distance to the component, which allows the robot to approach it more quickly without risking a crash.
On the other hand, this integration offers increased accuracy. The integrated distance measurement enables the robot to approach the component in a more targeted and extremely precise manner.

2D vision-guided robotics with integrated distance measurement for removing body parts from load carriers

Your advantages

  • Reduced cycle time
  • High precision
  • Large working range: 150 – 2500 mm
  • With the high computing performance in a compact design, the VISOR® hardware is predestined for use directly on the robot gripper
  • Two functions combined in one device = Reduced assembly and setup effort
  • Easy connection to robotic systems from leading manufacturers

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