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Application example

Material feed from a carrier (casing parts)

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The challenge:

Components for the production process are supplied in load carriers.  The challenge is to position the load carriers as precisely as possible, as this is imperative for a stable, robot-aided handling process. 

Our solution:

The VISOR® Robotic and Target Mark technology determine any inaccuracies in the position of the load carrier. Its position is then recalculated in the VISOR® and transferred to the robot in corrected form.  This is achieved with the help of a special target mark fitted on the load carrier, whose 3D position is reliably and efficiently detected throughout the procedure.  The robot uses this information to correct the pick-up points of all the components in the load carrier, thereby maintaining a stable process. 

Your benefits:

  • Considerable cost advantages due to the use of universal load carriers for all product versions, instead of special custom-made designs
  • Greater flexibility due to the elimination of mechanical elements for immobilising and aligning parts
  • High process reliability even when parts are inaccurately fed

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