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Application example

Check the right type of fuel filler necks


The task

In automobile production, different vehicle variants are manufactured on one and the same production line. In order to ensure that the correct type of 
tank nozzle
has been installed in the correct vehicle, a vision sensor should carry out a type check.

The challenge

Identifiying reliable distinguishing features is crucial for the vision sensor to differentiate between various types of fuel filler necks. However, using traditional, rule-based methods can be time-consuming and my have limitations. Moreover, detecting the compnents´ reflections can further increase the difficulty of detection. 

Our solution

The robust vision sensor with artificial intelligence VISOR® Object AI enables a reliable distinction to be made between the different fuel filler neck types. By assigning a few sample images to each class, the Classification (AI) detector automatically learns to distinguish between the different types – no expert knowledge is required to set it up. Position variations and reflections can be taught to the detector and it will learn the necessary features. The vision sensor offers a robust and reliable solution for the type control of fuel filler necks in cars.

Your advantages

  • Easy setup without image processing knowledge
  • Train the detector with a few images on your PC
  • AI technology in a robust vision sensor, made for industrial automation
  • Reliable results even with strong varying processes and products

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