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Application example

Control of safety and identification labels


The task

The final labeling of the battery pack requires the manual application of safety and identification stickers. Incorrect or inaccurately positioned labels could lead to misinterpretation or misuse of the battery pack, necessitating label verification.

The challenge

The various sticker positions on the component require a large field of view for checking their presence, their correct position as well as the correct label type.

Our solution

The VISOR® Object in the version with a wide field of view, with appropriate external illumination, provides the optimal field of view for evaluation. With the associated software, it is very easy to check the presence and position of the sticker or to identify mixed-up labels. Other tasks such as font or code reading are possible with the VISOR® Allround . It combines the functional range of the VISOR® Object with those of the VISOR® Code Reader in one housing.

Your advantages

  • The VISOR® software offers various functions for position control and image evaluation, e.g. with the calliper
  • Easy operation of the VISOR® Object
  • Different safety and identification stickers can be checked with the same hardware
  • The VISOR® in the version with a wide field of view version provides an optimal field of view
  • The VISOR® Allround combines object inspection and identification tasks

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