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Application example

Check of the correct feeding of screws in the right position


The task

The quantity of screws required for battery pack assembly is stored in a bunker feed system  and fed from there to the screwing systems accordingly. For smooth production, it is important that misaligned screws are detected by the sensor and only those in the correct position are fed to the screwing system.

The challenge

Some of the screws are shiny and do not have a homogeneous, always equally reflective surface and contour. The installation space for the sensor is very narrow and at the same time a certain distance to the conveyor line must be maintained. Due to the high process speed, the result must be available in a few milliseconds so that the next screw can be checked. The sensor should react independently to the trigger and control the ejector unit to make an additional control unnecessary.

Our solution

The VISOR® Object with its easy-to-use setting options is predestined for this process. The vision camera can be configured in terms of time so that it starts evaluating the fed screws at the right time, even if the trigger is staggered. Likewise, a specially designed output, which can be loaded with up to 100mA, can also be parameterized as an ejector. Thus the signal comes at the right time as well as in the right interval and the wrongly aligned screws end up again in the storage system. Due to the integrated autofocus and the integrated illumination, the image acquisition can be easily set in the VISOR® software. To check the alignment of the screws, a simple contour detector can be parameterized in just a few steps. The changing reflective parts of the surface can be unmasked, which increases process reliability.

Your advantages

  • The VISOR® software offers easy-to-use detectors for position control
  • With its high computing performance in a compact design, the VISOR® hardware is also suitable for fast sorting processes
  • No additional control necessary, as the VISOR® has various inputs and outputs
  • The VISOR® in the variant with a medium field of view provides an optimal field of view for this task
  • Due to the scalability from low to high resolution in the hardware and the gradations of the software - best price-performance ratio guaranteed

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