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Application example

Position control of car body parts


The task

Painting is an important step in automobile production, which not only fulfills aesthetic but also functional aspects. In this step, the body of the vehicle is coated with paint. An important part of the overall process is the position control of the various body parts after drying with the help of an optical sensor. To do this, all car body components such as the bonnet, trunk lid, and doors must be closed in order to move on to the next step, the assembly.

The challenge

The detection system must reliably detect the difficult surfaces - from matt to glossy - as well as the many different color-reflecting or color-absorbing car paint colors. Possible extraneous light or unexpected reflections, e.g. from high-visibility vests and signal lights, must not influence the switching behavior. Even if the detection system is far away from the body parts (> 1 meter), the sensor must switch reliably.

Our solution

The FT 25-RLHP time-of-flight sensor offers excellent detection properties on almost all surfaces – whether it’s matt, glossy, color-reflecting, or color-absorbing.
Thanks to reliable object detection up to 1.5 meters, the sensor enables flexible mounting distances. Extraneous light or critical backgrounds such as warning vests or signal lights do not pose a challenge for the laser diffuse reflection sensor. The precise adjustable background suppression also ensures reliable switching behavior. Working with the sensor does not require any protective measures, thanks to safe operation with laser class 1.

Your advantages

  • High sensor performance and range in a compact housing
  • Exact and reliable switching behavior with almost all surfaces and surface colors
  • Simple teach-in of the switching point via button, control input, or IO-Link
  • Bright, clearly visible laser light spot for mechanical alignment of the sensor
  • Positioning accuracy ≥ 4 mm (hysteresis at 90% reflectivity, 5 Hz)
  • Diverse parameterization options via the IO-Link communication system - according to the latest specification V1.1.3

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