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Application example

Check the right type of switches on the dashboard


The task

In automobile manufacturing, the switches on the dashboard vary depending on the vehicle model.
To ensure that the correct switches have been installed in the correct vehicle, a vision sensor should carry out a type check.

The challenge

If you solve this task with classic, rule-based methods, there is a lot of effort. There would need to be locator, detectors, jobs for each class (i.e. combination of switches) and logic to distinguish classes. When connecting to the controller, the corresponding logic must be implemented at great expense.

Our solution

The robust vision sensor with artificial intelligence VISOR® Object AI enables a reliable distinction to be made between the different switch types on the dashboard in the car.
By assigning a few examples of each class, the "Classification (AI)" detector automatically learns to distinguish between the different types. The sensor is set up in just a few steps and requires no expert knowledge. Just one job and one detector are enough to solve the application.

Your advantages

  • Faster and easier detector setup
  • Faster and easier integration into the system

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