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Application example

Presence check of protective caps


The task

The protection of external electrical connections and coolant lines requires the manual application of protective caps. Without protective caps, accidental contact with high-voltage connections or damage as well as contamination may occur, so their presence must be monitored.

The challenge

The sensor must detect the protective caps in many variations, the high number of which significantly increases the time required.

Our solution

The VISOR® Object in combination with a robot provides the necessary flexibility for inspecting hard-to-see protective caps. Thus, the desired image acquisition for a reliable inspection succeeds. The software provides the function to determine the presence of the caps based on a unique grey value and, if necessary, to check their position. To check different types of caps with the same hardware, the vision sensor offers the possibility to change jobs. The duration of the image evaluation is only a few milliseconds, so that a protective cap inspection is possible in passing.

Your advantages

  • Time saving: A large number of different protective caps can be checked in a short period of time
  • The VISOR® software offers various functions for position control and image evaluation, e.g. assigning a unique gray level
  • Easy operation of the VISOR® Object
  • Different protective caps can be checked with the same hardware
  • With its high computing performance in a compact design, the VISOR® hardware is predestined for use directly on the robot gripper
  • Reduced cabling effort due to e.g. AIDA-compliant, robot-compatible push-pull cables
  • The VISOR® in the variant with a medium field of view is optimal for this task

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