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Application example

Position control of the fastening clips of cable harnesses


The task

Inside the battery pack there are wiring harnesses which need to be fixed with fastening clips. Failure to engage the clamps correctly can result in damage to the cables or rattling noises during subsequent driving operation.

The challenge

The large quantity of fastening clips comes in many variations, all of which have to be identified in a short time.

Our solution

The VISOR® Object in combination with a robot provides the necessary flexibility for inspecting fastening clips that are difficult to see. Thus, the desired image acquisition for a reliable inspection succeeds. The software offers the function to teach a unique contour, which can then be searched and checked in its position. In addition, different clamp types can be stored as identification jobs in the software and checked with the same hardware. The duration of the image evaluation is only a few milliseconds, so that clamp inspection is possible on the fly, which significantly reduces the time required.

Your advantages

  • The VISOR® software offers easy-to-use detectors for position control
  • With its high computing performance in a compact design, the VISOR® hardware is predestined for use directly on the robot gripper
  • Flexible robot-compatible cabling directly to IO distribution systems or over long distances into the next control cabinet
  • The VISOR® in the version with a medium field of view is optimal for this task

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