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Application example

Measuring a gap between two metal sheets

Task definition

During assembly, it is frequently necessary to align two metal sheets as close as possible in the joining process in order to guarantee a good weld seam. 

The aim of the application is to determine the gap between two metal sheets and to transfer the measured value to the control system. 

The challenge here lies in the surface of the objects, which are often contaminated with oil stains, dirt or scratches. In addition, there are generally required minimum distances between the two objects, and the conversion of values from pixels to millimetres or inches can also cause problems. 

Raw image

Raw image

Our solution

Thanks to different calibration options, the VISOR®  Object can measure the gap with its calliper detector and transfer the value to the control system in metric or imperial units. 

Perspective errors and lens distortion can be compensated by calibration with the SensoPart calibration plate. 

An additional panel light can be used as transmitted light for even greater measuring accuracy. 


The caliper detector determines the gap dimension

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