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Application example

Automated beverage serving


The task

To optimize the serving of drinks at major events, the process is automated using an innovative drink filling machine. Sensors ensure that transparent plastic cups are properly detected and automatically initiate the filling process as soon as a cup is inserted into the machine.

The challenge

The cups are transparent and can be filled with different liquids. In addition, the sensor must detect reliably in demanding, harsh environments.

Our solution

The diffuse reflection sensors with BlueLight technology are an ideal choice for automating beverage dispensing. These advanced blue light sensors are characterized by their detection reliability, both on conventional surfaces and on demanding materials such as transparent plastic.
The integration of BlueLight sensors into the "BeerBooster" is an ideal solution for automated beer serving. This automated dispensing system guarantees reliable and quick beverage dispensing, making it the perfect choice for large events.

Your advantages

  • Subminiature sensor with BlueLight technology and precise, adjustable background suppression
  • Precise and safe switching behavior for highly light-absorbing objects
  • Safe operation without a reflector - even on critical object surfaces
  • Easy alignment thanks to a clearly visible light spot
  • Sensor setting via teach-in button, control input and IO-Link

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