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Application example

Detection of transparent bags


The task

In many manufacturing processes in different sectors, such as in the packaging industry, transparent pouches or bags must be reliably detected with the help of a sensor.

The challenge

The reliable detection of transparent bags or sachets poses a challenge for many sensors due to the demanding material. The varying object shapes and sizes as well as the reflective and absorbing surface colors of the bags complicate the detection.

Our solution

Our solution to this requirement is the FT 10-BHD subminiature sensor, which, with its BlueLight technology, enables stable object detection, even with challenging materials. The different shapes, sizes and the color-reflecting as well as color-absorbing surface colors do not pose a challenge for the blue light sensor.
The FT 10-BHD has two independent switching outputs that can be flexibly configured. For example, one of the switching outputs can be used for fast communication with the controller and the other for setting via IO-Link. Thanks to its precise background suppression, disruptive background conditions can be reliably suppressed. The robust miniature housing enables the sensor to be flexibly integrated into a wide variety of applications.

Your advantages

  • Precise, adjustable background suppression
  • Two independent switching outputs
  • Precise and reliable switching behavior also on highly light-absorbing or glossy objects

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