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Application example

Detection of lipsticks


The task

In the manufacture of lipsticks in the cosmetics industry, lipsticks sometimes have to be detected by optical sensors. Here, the lipsticks must be recognized quickly and reliably, regardless of their shape and color.

The challenge

The different surface colors of the lipsticks, from glossy to matt, metallic to shimmering, dark to light and strongly light-absorbing to light-reflecting, make detection more difficult. In addition, there are the varying shapes - round and square - which can influence reliable detection.

Our solution

The FT 10-BHD subminiature sensor is perfect for detecting lipstick. It enables reliable operation without a reflector - even with critical surfaces.
The sensor works with BlueLight technology, which enables stable object detection even at large angles. This allows the sensor to reliably detect lipsticks of different shapes and colors, even if they are at an angle to the sensor. Another advantage of the blue light sensor is its miniature housing, which enables flexible integration into existing production lines. It can easily be used in narrow or hard-to-reach areas. Thanks to precise background suppression the background of the object can be hidden so that the sensor only detects and switches the desired part.

Your advantages

  • Bluelight technology: One for all: Detecting standard objects and challenging objects like deep black, glossy, curved, sloping, shiny and transparent parts with BlueLight technology high scanning range in a small housing size (up to 150mm)
  • Easy alignment and setup of the sensor
  • Precise and reliable switching behavior 

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