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Application example

Quality Control on Injection Molded Parts

The task

The importance of quality assurance in plastic processing is continually increasing. Industries such as medical technology and the automotive sector require 100% product inspection. Defects including over/underfills or burrs not only affect the aesthetics and functionality of the end products but can also lead to increased costs due to waste/scrap or rework. Inspecting parts using a vision sensor allows for the early and reliable detection of these defects, ensuring product quality.

The challenge

The variety of parts manufactured on the same facility requires a flexible solution that can be easily adapted to different parts. Therefore, learning and configuring the vision sensor should be as simple and uncomplicated as possible to ensure smooth production processes.

Our solution

The VISOR® Object vision sensor, equipped with the "Contour Check" feature, provides a reliable solution for inspecting injection molded parts. By quickly and easily learning a reference contour for each injection molded part variant and setting tolerances for deviations, the "Contour Check" tool enables precise and effective inspection of parts for deviations from the norm.

Your advantages

  • Adaptability: The VISOR® Object offers the right product and accessories for every setup, including backlights
  • High resolution: The V50 variant has a resolution of 5 MP, enabling the capture of even the smallest deviations
  • High computing performance: VISOR® hardware is also suitable for fast quality inspection processes

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