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Application example

Automated Detection of Manufacturing Defects in Metal Parts Processing

The task

In metalworking, common issues like burrs, warped parts, cracks, or chips are ever-present, posing quality and safety risks. While manual part feeding allows for inspection by the worker, the trend towards increased automation requires automatic inspection for such defects. This is most effectively and efficiently accomplished  using a vision sensor.

The challenge

The increasing shortage of skilled workers combined with the trend towards automation results in components being automatically fed on production lines more frequently. This development makes human oversight more difficult or particularly laborious. Production defects are often very small, but critical. A complete and perfect inspection, especially for burrs, is essential to ensure the functionality and quality of the parts.

Our solution

The Vision-Sensor VISOR® Object, equipped with the 'Contour Check' feature, provides a reliable solution for identifying burrs, deformations, cracks, or chips in metal parts.
By learning a reference contour and setting a tolerance band, the 'Contour Check' tool enables easy and effective inspection of parts for deviations from the norm. With the V50 variant of the VISOR®, equipped with 5 megapixels, detection of the smallest structural deviations is possible, ensuring comprehensive quality control.

Your advantages

  • Simple setup of complex inspection tasks
  • Saving time and resources

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