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Application example

Effortless Traceability: Displaying code contents, texts, and archiving

The task

In modern manufacturing, the need for seamless component traceability (Track-and-Trace) continues to grow. Data Matrix Codes (DMCs) have emerged as one of the most reliable methods for identification and traceability. The goal is to scan the Data Matrix Code on each component, guaranteeing precise product processing and flawless serial number management.

The challenge

Due to the processing of components behind protective barriers, the codes are not directly visible at the facility. comprehensive archiving solutions are required for capturing images.

Our solution

The VISOR® Code Reader vision sensor enables robust capturing of Data Matrix codes, even under demanding conditions such as stamped codes on shiny surfaces. With the "Individual Overlays" feature, the vision sensor provides clear visualization of the read code directly at the manufacturing facility. Our solution also includes flexible options for archiving image captures, enabling comprehensive documentation and traceability. The content of the captured code is detailed in the file name of the saved image, ensuring clear identification of the respective product. Additionally, the archived images are labeled with the code content and a timestamp for precise chronological documentation.

Your advantages

  • Reliable reading of codes, even on challenging surfaces
  • Seamless traceability of components
  • Visual display of codes within the facility
  • Archiving of image captures with timestamp and code content
  • 100% matching of each component

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