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Application example

Food Production: VISOR® Displays Important Inspection Information in Real Time

The task

In food production, different products (such as pre-packaged salads) are often processed simultaneously on a single line. A vision sensor ensures that the correct product type is processed and packaged, and inspection results are delivered in real time.

The challenge

For complete transparency in the production process, the inspection results should be delivered quickly. The packaging material is clear and glossy, which complicates product detection.

Our solution

The Vision-Sensor, VISOR® Object AI, with integrated artificial intelligence, enables precise identification and classification of product types. The "Classification (AI)" detector can be set up in just a few steps. Even with highly variable products and surfaces, the tool can be taught with just a few clicks.
The "Individual Overlays" feature allows for a visual representation of the inspection results. This includes displaying the identified product class and indicating whether it is correct (PASS / FAIL) with automatic color adjustment. The results delivered in real time simplify system maintenance and supports the quick detection and resolution of errors.

Your advantages

  • Full transparency about the sorting process and camera decisions
  • Improved adoption of the inspection system in production
  • Easy setup

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