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Application example

VISOR®: Precision Injection Molding Control with Inspection Results in Real Time

The task

The necessity of quality control in plastics processing is increasing. Defects like overmolding/underfilling or burrs not only impact the appearance and performance of end products but can also escalate costs due to waste or rework. Utilizing a vision sensor for part inspection enables early and dependable detection of such flaws, ensuring product quality. 
Displaying inspection results, defect classifications, and part numbers in real time optimizes production.

The challenge

Inspection results are displayed in real time

Our solution

The VISOR® Object vision sensor provides a reliable solution for ensuring the geometric accuracy of injection-molded components through its "Contour Check" feature. With the "Individual Overlays" function, operators can see inspection findings, defect classifications, and part numbers in real time. Defects are highlighted with vivid colors, indicating their error type for swift problem identification based on sensor results. Additionally, part numbers are prominently displayed, aiding operators in quickly confirming the correct product setup and identifying the associated part.

Your advantages

  • Easy setup with just a few clicks
  • Automatic adjustment of the display color allowing for rapid problem-solving in real time
  • Easy-to-use, cost-effective solution

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