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Application example

Compartment occupation check (multi-depth) in high bay warehouses


The task

A central element of modern intralogistics are automated high-bay warehouses. They enable fast storage and retrieval as well as optimal use of the storage space. Small parts and spare parts can be ideally stowed away in containers or boxes.
Precise positioning and reliable control are crucial for the automatic compartment allocation of the shelves - otherwise collisions and thus major property damage can occur. An optical sensor should check the occupancy status of the shelf compartment: empty, single, or multiple occupancy.

The challenge

The detection system must not impair the working area of the automatic stacker crane. In addition, the sensor must be able to reliably detect objects with different surface colors. Objects that are in the background of the high-bay warehouse must be reliably hidden. Due to the multiple depth evaluation, a range of up to > 1 m and two independent switching signals are required.

Our solution

The FT 25-RLHP time-of-flight sensor offers excellent detection properties on almost all surfaces at a working distance of up to 1.5 meters. Thanks to the compact and robust design of the F 25 series, space-saving, easy assembly, and adjustment as well as flexible integration into the high-bay warehouse system is ensured. With the precisely adjustable background suppression, objects located in the background can be reliably masked out so that the sensor only detects the desired object. Two independent switching signals are easily transmitted via the IO-Link interface.

Your advantages

  • Practical accessories such as the SensoClip mounting element enable easy mounting and fine-tuned adjustment
  • Miniature housing (dimensions 34 x 20 x 12 mm) for space-saving installation
  • Maximum range in a compact housing
  • Reliable object detection even with dark and shiny objects
  • Laser light source (laser class 1) for easy alignment and precise switching behavior
  • Diverse parameterization options via the IO-Link communication system - according to the latest specification V1.1.3

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