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Application example

Position of parts in the tray

Task definition

During the assembly, packaging and production processes in different sectors, parts must be collected from trays for individual work steps. The aim of this application is to ensure that a tray has the complete number of parts and that they are correctly positioned, as the parts are taken directly from the tray for further processing. The presence and correct position of parts must therefore be guaranteed.

The challenge is that the material of the trays can be reflective.

Raw image

Raw image

Our solution

Reflections from shiny plastic trays can be blocked out with a polarising filter so that the tray almost disappears in the image. Objects can be counted and their position checked in VISOR® Object with the aid of a contour detector with multiple identification. The position of individual parts can then be transferred to the control system via Profinet. 

Contour detector

The contour detector with multiple detection counts the objects and checks their orientation.

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