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Application example

Detection of plates


The task

One task in industrial automation is the detection of platelets using an optical sensor. The flakes can be metallic and shiny or black and highly light-absorbing.

The challenge

The detection of the platelets is made more difficult by the different colors and different surface structures.

Our solution

The FT 10-BHD subminiature sensor with BlueLight technology reliably detects the platelets. The blue transmission LED enables high process stability, even with different surface colors and structures and large angles of inclination to the object. The small and robust sensor housing is perfect for use on the robot gripper. Thanks to the Detect All mode, there is no blind zone and reliable object detection can be guaranteed even with varying backgrounds and objects.

Your advantages

  • Detect All mode: for the detection of variations from the background ➔ absolute stable object detection even if the objects are changing
  • Detect All mode: Object detection from 0 mm
  • High scanning range in small housing size
  • Easy aligment of the sensor via Teach-in button or IO-Link

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