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Application example

Checking the right spring type


The task

Vibration spiral conveyors can be used for sorting, conveying and transporting a wide variety of small parts and connecting elements.
Springs, screws, nuts, pins, washers, caps and special elements are sorted and made available for automatic further processing. Different batches with different springs can be processed in a vibratory bowl feeder. Getting the wrong springs down the line will result in rejects and/or machine damage. A vision sensor is used to ensure that the correct spring type is fed.

The challenge

Because of the nature of springs, even if they are of the same type, each individual spring will look different to the camera. In order to differentiate the springs using the rule-based method, many rules would have to be defined - which requires a considerable amount of time.

Our solution

The robust vision sensor with artificial intelligence VISOR® Object AI enables a reliable differentiation between the different types of springs in the vibratory bowl feeder.
By assigning a few examples of each class, the Classification (AI) detector automatically learns to distinguish between the different types. The sensor is set up in just a few steps and requires no expert knowledge.

Your advantages

  • Faster detector setup
  • Reliable results even with strong varying processes and products
  • Also works with objects that never look the same (per perspective)
  • Detection of up to 200 parts per minute

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