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Application example

Checking the colour and position of multi-coloured cables

Task definition

In many applications, connector harnesses with colour-coded pin positions are used to make electrical connections between different components. When producing these cables, it is crucial that the individual cables are in the correct colours and that the pin positions are correct. Sensors can be used to check the cable harnesses for their correct cable colours and pin positions.

Raw image

Raw image

The challenge

The colours cannot be applied exactly the same on the cable, resulting in slight variations in the colour values. In addition, there is the possibility of slight deviations in the position of the cables.

Our solution

The VISOR® Object Color in combination with a polarisation filter provides the necessary contrast for optimal identification of the cable colour.
With the right settings in the colour channel, it is easy to binarise the image.
The BLOB detector makes it possible to check the position and colour of the cables.

Your advantages

  • Strong colour channel features for binarisation
  • BLOB detector with proven functions such as free-form tool and geometric evaluation
  • Polarisation filter as accessory
  • Simple operation

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