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VISOR® Robotic Yaskawa App: Robot integration made easy

Set up robotics applications even faster and easier with the VISOR® Robotic Yaskawa app.

Today, industrial automation is no longer imaginable without robots. Our vision sensor VISOR® Robotic acts as the “eye” of the robot and is used worldwide in image-guided robotics applications.

Everything in view, everything under control – the vision sensor for robotics applications

The VISOR® Robotic is part of the extensive VISOR® vision sensor family. With its five fast and robust detection methods for locating components, it represents the perfect solution for a wide range of automation tasks. With the integrated Target Mark 3D technology, 3D object poses are determined in the shortest possible time. Thanks to the fully automated and flexible calibration methods, both stationary and mounting on the robot arm are possible.

In addition to its robotics functions, the VISOR® Robotic offers all inspection, measurement and identification functions of the VISOR® framework. Packed in a robust, compact housing, the vision sensor can record images up to 5 megapixels. The results are evaluated directly in the camera, there is no need for an additional PC. With this range of functions and ease of use, the VISOR® Robotic is a leader in the market for 2D vision applications.

For a problem-free connection between the vision sensor and the Yaskawa robot.

The Yaskawa App is a software plugin for Yaskawa robots (a so-called "MotoPlus App") that provides a seamless interface between VISOR® and Yaskawa robots.

It covers all the necessary functions for integrating the VISOR® and has QuickStart job sets for the VISOR® software SensoConfig and example robot programs for plug-and-play integration. The VISOR® Robotic Yaskawa app enables quick integration and low development effort, resulting in a higher return on investment (ROI).

Various functions are available with the app version 5.0.3:

  • “Trigger3D” function with option for “camera on robot arm”  
    ⇒ This transfers the current position of the robot to the VISOR®. This makes it possible to solve applications in which different image recording positions are approached.
  • Example program “Pick3D” for a quick and easy introduction to using the powerful 3D result offset function 
    ⇒ Teach the desired gripping point and simply move the result point of the VISOR® into a 3D gripping point of the robot.

Thanks to the app, all of these functions can be easily integrated into the robot program.

The Yaskawa software package is available for users to download free of charge and is compatible with the Yaskawa YRC 1000 micro, Yaskawa YRC 1000 and Yaskawa DX 200 robot systems.