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Partner Training - Vision | LATAM

Online training

LATAM sessions

VISOR® Basic, VISOR® Expert and Robotics training

Day 1: VISOR® Basic Training

Learn the basics of image processing. In addition to an introduction to the general physical principles of optics and illumination, you will learn the most important details about our VISOR® vision sensor. You will learn to approach image processing tasks in a targeted manner, to commission vision sensors and to configure applications on selected exercises. Furthermore, you will learn the possibilities of communication of the device with higher-level interfaces.

  1. Basics of image processing, optics and illumination
  2. Selection of the appropriate hardware
  3. Commissioning of the VISOR® vision sensor
  4. Basic Configuration of the VISOR® software
  5. Monochrome Detectors

Day 2: VISOR® Expert Training

  1. ​Monochrome detectors
  2. Color detectors
  3. Calibration methods (measurements) 
  4. Result processing
  5. Communication via telegrams
  6. Archiving of images
  7. Codes basics, Datacode and OCR detector
  8. Q parameters
  9. Communication via telegrams

Day 3: Robotics Training

​You need to bring a robot application to life. In this training we explain the idea behind the Easy.Robot.Vision concept. We explain the steps that are necessary to go from image acquisition to robot motion. We start from the hardware setup on the robot and explain the calibration of the camera coordinate system to the world coordinate system of the robot. Explain the robot specific software functions and go into the communication with the robot via standard interface and the libraries and specific robot apps based on it.

  1. Easy.Robot.Vision
  2. Image acquisition for robotic applications
  3. Calibration methods (robotics)
  4. Robot specific functions in VISOR®
  5. Communication between robot and VISOR®