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Kevin Schumacher

Get to know Kevin Schumacher, our SAP Application-Manager at SensoPart

The people behind SensoPart

Ever wondered what makes SensoPart a great place to work? Maybe our colleagues have the answers you've been seeking!
We believe that a company's true strength lies in the people who drive its success, and we're dedicated to introducing you to the individuals behind SensoPart. We've asked our team three key questions about their daily work, motivations, and the unique work atmosphere at SensoPart.

Let's get to know Kevin better as he answers these three questions:

How does your normal working day at SensoPart look like?
There isn’t any day which looks like the other. There are a couple of big projects I am currently working on and new one’s are already in the pipe. In the daily business I maintain, configure, extend and develop in our SAP-System to get the best out of it. I don't run out of work. And the best thing: I can do it from the office or from home.

Complete the sentence: I became SAP Application Manager because…
I became SAP Application-Manager because I like to develop software which pushes forward the digitalization and helps my colleagues to work more efficiently. The thankfulness of my colleagues is incredible.
What makes SensoPart special for you? Why do you enjoy working at SensoPart?
I enjoy working at SensoPart because I can manage my work by myself. I can be flexible with my solutions and nobody is controlling my working style as long as the results are right … and because of this environment they are right 😊

Meet Kevin Schumacher, our SAP Application Manager at SensoPart, who thrives in a dynamic work environment, managing big projects and driving digitalization to enhance efficiency.