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Marcus Koslik

Get to know Marcus Koslik, our Product Manager at SensoPart

The people behind SensoPart

Ever wondered what makes SensoPart a great place to work? Maybe our colleagues have the answers you've been seeking!
We believe that a company's true strength lies in the people who drive its success, and we're dedicated to introducing you to the individuals behind SensoPart. We've asked our team three key questions about their daily work, motivations, and the unique work atmosphere at SensoPart.

Let's get to know Marcus better as he answers these three questions:

How does your normal working day at SensoPart look like?
I love my work as a Product Manager because no working day is the same as the day before. Every day brings new interesting questions, contacts and ideas – and this after almost 16 years at SensoPart Product Management.

Complete the sentence: I became a product manager because…
… I like the possibility to develop innovative products according to customer and market needs.
What makes SensoPart special for you? Why do you enjoy working at SensoPart?
The teamwork at SensoPart is really good, besides this I like the lean paths for decisions in a privately owned company.

Meet Marcus Koslik, our Product Manager at SensoPart, where no two days are the same in his almost 16 years at Product Management. He enjoys the daily influx of interesting questions, contacts, and ideas, relishing the opportunity to develop innovative products tailored to customer and market needs.