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Sebastian Ziser

Get to know Sebastian Ziser, our Creative Content Marketing Manager

The people behind SensoPart

Ever wondered what makes SensoPart a great place to work? Maybe our colleagues have the answers you've been seeking!
We believe that a company's true strength lies in the people who drive its success, and we're dedicated to introducing you to the individuals behind SensoPart. We've asked our team three key questions about their daily work, motivations, and the unique work atmosphere at SensoPart.

Let's get to know Sebastian better as he answers these three questions:

How does your normal working day at SensoPart look like?
I would say I don’t have a typical working day. The projects I have here at SensoPart vary from day to day. Because of that I would describe my working days like this: I start working at 7 in the morning, then I grab a cup of coffee and usually I then already know what project I want to work on that day. Sometimes I start working on the brochures and videos, sometimes I just check my mails quickly and then prepare our Webstudio for a Videoshoot.

Complete the sentence: I became Content Marketing Manager because…
…I like working creatively. I have different topics on my table. I do video- and photoshootings, I create brochures and in all those projects I work closely with the team. That’s why I love what I do, it just never gets boring and I’m always excited for the next projects.
What makes SensoPart special for you? Why do you enjoy working at SensoPart?
For me, the best thing at SensoPart is the team. We are a team of creative people, not only in marketing but also in other fields. We have a very close and friendly working atmosphere. Furthermore, I am free in my creativity and on how I create my projects. That’s the perfect mix, great projects and a great team!

Meet Sebastian Ziser, our Creative Content Marketing Manager at SensoPart, as he thrives on the dynamic and creative aspects of his work, collaborating closely with the team, and finds the ever-changing projects exciting.