Serialization / Track & Trace

An error is discovered in the final inspection... What now? Call back the complete batch?

The traceability of production goods is gaining increasing importance as production facilities become more and more complex. Transparency is becoming a must, but with the simultaneous demand for a greater degree of individualisation, so that it is possible to locate individual products at any time during the production process, whether to implement a specific production step, call back a product or check status information.

For this purpose, each product is given a virtual counterpart, which saves all information on the real object throughout the entire production and logistics procedure.

Our solution

The SensoPart VISOR® Code Reader can effortlessly read numerous types of barcodes as well as printed and directly marked ECC-200 data matrix codes, and on any material surface (metal, plastic, paper, glass). Codes on sloping, warped, convex, reflective or transparent surfaces are routinely enciphered by the sensor. The VISOR® Code Reader uses standardised quality parameters to analyse the quality of your printed and directly marked data matrix codes according to ISO and AIM standards.

More about VISOR® Code Readers

A growing number of plastic components are therefore now marked with an ECC200 code that is an integral part of the injection mould, directly during production. This has the advantage of being very cost-effective and reliable, and the marking is virtually permanent. Conventional code readers find it very difficult to detect the DMC due to the extremely low contrast. The solution comes in the shape of our VISOR® Allround vision sensors with the new award-winning multishot function. The code moulded in the plastic forms a three-dimensional structure and the individual modules can be clearly detected as raised or recessed areas. This ensures that the code is always reliably read.

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