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Fiber-optic sensors and cables

SensoPart's fiber-optic systems are the ideal solution when installation and operating conditions are cramped, hot and dirty. Sensors are protected in a control cabinet or at safe distance whilst the fiber-optic heads are fitted in close proximity to the objects. Possible areas of application include presence detection in rotary transfer machines, the detection of small electronic components or the level measurement of liquids.

  • FL 70 - Sensor für Kunststofflichtleiter-Adaption EN
    Sensor for configuration with a plastic fibre-optic cable
  • Lichtleiter in der Standard-Ausführung EN
    Standard version of fibre-optic cable
  • Lichtleiter mit fokussierter Optik EN
    Fibre-optic cable with focused optics


  • Wide range of fiber-optic cables for standard applications or individual customer requirements
  • Numerous setting options: dynamic teach-in or use of external control cable, speed and precision adjustment, timing functions
  • Intelligent mounting solutions for fiber-optic sensors and cables enabling easy installation and adjustment





Fiber-optic sensors FL 20

Fiber-optic sensors FL 70


Fiber-optic sensors FMS 18 / FMS 30 / FSG 30

Fiber-optic cables - standard

Fiber-optic cables - focused optics

Fiber-optic cables - light stripes

Fiber-optic cables - special

Fiber-optic cables - accessories


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FL 20 – Sensor für Kunststofflichtleiter-Adaption