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Fiber-optic sensors FMS 18 / FMS 30

Sensors for glass fiber adaptation - robust, strong, reliable

Sensoren Made in Germany 

Typical FMS 18 / FMS 30



FMS 18
The FMS 18-4 U fiber-optic sensor operates at minimum to medium switching distances and ranges. The device is particularly suitable for reliable non-contact detection in rapid processes as a result of its high switching frequency of 1 kHz. Despite the device’s small size, its output signal can be inverted by using a plugin bridge on the front. The sensor also has two separate outputs: P- and N-switching.

FMS 30
The FMS 30-4 U fiber-optic sensor operates throughout the entire range from low to very long switching distances and ranges. The switching distance can be halved by using the switch on the front of the device. This simplifies accurate adjustment of the switching point at close range and improves small-part detection. A second switch on the front inverts the output signal. The sensor can thus provide the logically correct signal, i.e. N.O. or N.C. depending on the particular application. Every device also has two separate outputs: P- and N-switching. 

FMS 18 / FMS 30 - Highlights

FMS 18 / FMS 30 – Product overview


Type of light

Special features

FMS 18

LED infrared, red

Extremely robust

FMS 30

LED infrarot, rot

Extremely robust, powerful