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Vision sensor with 5 megapixels for more details


  • Resolution of 2560 x 1936 pixels (5 megapixels)
  • Precise detection of smallest details
  • Reduced installation costs with large fields of view by requiring fewer cameras

Detects everything at one glance

We present a new addition to its established vision sensor family: The new 5 megapixel VISOR® V50 offers an image resolution that is three times greater than that of standard vision sensors.

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These new sensors achieve an image quality that was previously only available with expensive, complex vision systems; the potential applications of the user-friendly vision sensors have therefore been considerably expanded. The field of view or operating distance can be flexibly adapted to the most diverse requirements by selecting a suitable C-mount lens. For example, switch from long-range code reading to inspecting an entire instrument panel just by swapping the lens. All-new integrated lens and lighting versions of the V50 allow automatic focus and brightness adjustments. Changing working distances and image settings can be done instantly with a click of a button.


Vision sensor with 5 megapixels for more details Brochure (pdf, 1.31 MB)

VISOR® V50 vision sensor family - the right product for every application:

Our code reader for the reliable reading of barcodes, directly marked Datamatrix codes and 1D/2D codes mixed
VISOR® V50 Code Reader

Reading of bar codes, 2D codes, OCR

 Vision sensor for presence and completeness check, position and quality control as well as for simple measuring tasks
VISOR® V50 Object

Presence, completeness, measurement, position check, color

The vision camera can be integrated directly on the robot gripper
VISOR® V50 Robotic

Robotics, presence, completeness, measurement, positioning