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BlueLight opens up new angles of vision

Gottenheim, September 2016 – Proximity sensors for the reliable detection of dark and transparent objects.

SensoPart’s blue light technology offers greater detection efficiency than conventional red light proximity sensors in a great many applications, particularly those involving dark or transparent objects. This is why SensoPart is now expanding its relevant product portfolio: blue light proximity sensors have been launched in miniature and compact versions to join the established subminiature model F 10 BlueLight. Scanning ranges of up to 1200 mm can now be covered thanks to the new F25 and F55 BlueLight sensors.

Originally developed for the detection of solar wafers, blue light photoelectric proximity sensors have proven extremely reliable in countless industrial applications. They demonstrate outstanding process stability, especially when detecting strongly light-absorbing objects, e.g. black plastic or carbon fibre parts, or if positioned at an unfavourable shallow angle. The sensors also guarantee extremely reliable detection of transparent objects, such as bottles, syringes or films. Blue light technology therefore proves a much more stable solution for many applications. 
The BlueLight series owes its increased process stability to sophisticated SensoPart technology that harmoniously combines the optimum LED emitter, optics and signal processing. The sensors’ reliability is also enhanced by high-precision background suppression: even very bright or reflective backgrounds, such as reflections from metal machine parts, do not interfere with the detection process. With the compact sensor from the F 55 BlueLight series, background suppression can even be adjusted with the aid of a potentiometer – it is the only blue light sensor with this feature on the market. 
The forerunner among blue light sensors was the F 10 BlueLight subminiature photoelectric proximity sensor with a maximum scanning range of 30 mm, which SensoPart launched back in early 2014. The new additions now include another subminiature version (max. scanning range 50 mm) as well as models in a miniature format (F 25 BlueLight series, max. scanning range 80 mm) and compact housing (F 55 BlueLight series, max. scanning range 1200 mm). SensoPart’s blue light sensors are therefore available in all industry-standard designs and offer the added possibility of applications with significantly higher scanning ranges. The new products are now available - why not try them out! 
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