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High-accuracy 3D robotics

Gottenheim, April 2021 - With the new "Target Mark 3D" function of its VISOR® Robotic vision sensor, sensor manufacturer SensoPart facilitates the spatial awareness of handling and assembly robots – all in just a few clicks and with minimal programming in the robot control system.

It is always good to know exactly where everything is on your workstation – this applies to both man and machine. However, people can still spot a screwdriver even if it should unexpectedly be located at the other end of the table. For robot solutions, on the other hand, this can prove somewhat problematic. Even slight offsets in operating position, for example due to an inaccurate feed of load carriers or the imprecise docking of mobile robots at the workstation, render the process unstable. While this previously required complex reprogramming, the situation can now be corrected with the aid of a target mark. 

A target mark is simply attached to the workstation, and the "Target Mark 3D" detector is selected in the VISOR® Robotic configuration software.

The position of the target mark need only be referenced during the initial set up of the robot control system. After this, the vision sensor is able to extract 3D information from the picture and trigger a shift in the robot’s position.

A further advantage of the Target Mark technology: Each target mark is unique; this means that several can be installed within one production environment to automate different processes. Any name can be assigned to each mark in the detector (e.g. Station 1).

The target marks are made of a robust, highly reflective material to guarantee correct detection even in poor lighting conditions. An added benefit of SensoPart’s target mark system is that in contrast to the proprietary solutions of some robot manufacturers, it can be used across platforms with a possible retrofit. Above all, Target Mark 3D makes the temporary use of mobile robotic stations more flexible, extremely efficient and cost effective. The new function is now immediately available for all product versions of VISOR® Robotic as part of the latest software release 2.4.

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