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Vision sensor with resolution of 5 megapixels

Gottenheim, May 2019 - SensoPart presents a new addition to its established vision sensor family: VISOR® V50, which boasts an image resolution several times larger than that of standard vision sensors. In doing so, the South German sensor manufacturer has responded to a common customer request.

It represents a major technical advancement: In comparison to SensoPart’s previous high-end sensor series VISOR® V20 with 1440 x 1080 pixels, the new VISOR® V50 series offers a resolution that is three times bigger: 2560 x 1936 pixels. These sensors achieve an image quality that was previously only available with expensive, complex vision systems; the potential applications of the user-friendly vision sensors have consequently been considerably expanded.

The field of view or operating distance can be flexibly adapted to the most diverse requirements combined with a suitable C-mount lens. For example, with a narrow image and a long range the details can be identified, while using a wide field of view multiple component characteristics or several individual components can be detected simultaneously. In many applications, one VISOR® V50 can replace up to four vision sensors with a normal resolution, thereby saving costs.

High performance in a compact design

A resolution of 5 megapixels is unique in the vision sensor market. Such resolutions only previously existed with so-called rolling shutter devices, which scanned objects one line of pixels at a time, but were not available for global shutter sensors, which record the entire search field in a single image. The global shutter concept is not just faster but it also supplies many better results in applications – for example when reading moving bar codes that are distorted in a rolling shutter image and therefore more difficult to read.

Just like SensoPart’s VISOR® V10 and V20 series, the VISOR® V50 comes in diverse versions pre-configured for specific applications: VISOR® Object, VISOR® Robotic, VISOR® Code Reader, VISOR® Solar and VISOR® Allround. All variations, with the exception of code readers, are available with either a black/white or color chip. Despite the enormous increase in performance, the compact external design is identical to the previous VISOR® series, and the sensors remain just as simple and intuitive to set up and use. The existing range of vision sensor accessories can be used with the VISOR® V50; additionaly to accompany the new sensor series are matching C-mount lenses, which enable optimum use of the enhanced resolution.

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