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VISOR® Multishot renders even the smallest height differences visible

Gottenheim, September 2016 – Thanks to an innovative lighting technology, vision sensors can now reliably detect and evaluate raised or recessed structures. Raised or recessed object details – such as embossed digits and characters on a credit card – are difficult to detect with standard image processing methods. Even use of lateral lighting generally results in poorly identifiable contours due to overexposure and shadows. SensoPart has remedied this situation by equipping its VISOR® series of vision sensors with the new multishot function.

Contours now stand out clearly so that raised or recessed letters and digits can be easily read, e.g. using the vision sensor’s OCR function. Other application examples for VISOR® Multishot include the reading of data matrix codes moulded directly into plastic surfaces, detection of damage such as dents or scratches or the recognition of raised adhesive beads on the same coloured background.  
This technology can even be used exclusively with the VISOR®’s internal lighting – a feature which makes the sensor unique on the market. External lighting can even be dispensed with altogether when detecting small details, particularly from a short distance. This reduces complex cabling and saves time and of course money. 
Changing backgrounds, which frequently occur in the packaging industry, can be eliminated entirely from image processing thanks to multishot technology – analysis is then based solely on detected height differences. 
Finally, a VISOR® equipped with the multishot function can also take and analyse a picture with a standard lighting configuration at any time, in addition to a height image, as it is possible to simply switch between multishot and standard lighting. This therefore also enables part inspection with traditional image processing tools, such as pattern matching, contour detection, distance measurement or code reading. 
Conclusion: The VISOR® multishot function – unique on the market of vision sensors – renders previously invisible details visible, enhancing the application options of SensoPart’s range of vision sensors. The optional multishot ring light with four area lights is available as a pre-mounted accessory. The multishot function is now included in all new VISOR®  devices in the ‘Allround Professional’ version – why not try them out!