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VISOR® - SensoWeb : web monitoring of vision sensors

SensoPart’s VISOR® range of vision sensors is now equipped as standard with an integrated web interface. The so-called “SensoWeb” function enables comfortable monitoring of running sensors without the need to install any specific software.


Whether on a notebook, tablet or smartphone, SensoWeb allows users to easily monitor their VISOR® using standard web browsers. This replaces installation of the VISOR®’s own monitoring program SensoView. SensoWeb offers all the monitoring functions that a machine operator requires. In addition to a live picture, the user also has access to the individual results of each inspection task and good/bad evaluation statistics. Should these details not be required, the live picture can be enlarged to full-screen size. 
SensoWeb is called up by simply entering the IP address of the sensor to be monitored in the browser. The full-screen view of live pictures can be activated via the appropriate browser function or by entering a direct link. Web monitoring can also be deactivated if it is not used. 
The new web interface is not just user-friendly; it is also tamper-proof as sensor configuration cannot be modified via SensoWeb. This still requires use of the VISOR® SensoConfig configuration software with appropriate user rights.  
Existing VISOR® devices can also be upgraded to include SensoWeb through a simple software update. Thanks to the new web monitoring feature, with its comprehensive interfaces and archiving functions, SensoPart’s VISOR® series is now perfectly equipped to face the challenges of Industry 4.0.